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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Crazed, mystically-inclined physician, sometimes on-duty parent, lover of goddess, chaser of storms, reveller in Mystery. Honoring the memory of my Beloved. Well above the Age of Consent in every imaginable locale.

Interests (148):

all harry potter movies, apparition, bay street, blue crabs, bodice-rippers, candy quims, cape fear river, carrying on the tradition, cat antics, cavorting, cavorting with the enemy, celtic bloodlines, clan stewart, commitment ceremony, convocation, cranial work, cravings, crisp autumn mornings, curvy country roads, do, doldrums, eastern line of feri, eclectic mix, edge of darkness, enchanted april, equations in reality, feris, ferrets, ferry boat crossings, flying pig coffee shop, fondness, frito bandito, frou-frou drinks, full moon hijinks, garden-path, gardening, garnering praise, gartering, getting sunburned, ghost crabs, graduation from medical school, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, healer as witness, healers, healing, herbal pandemonium, hiking, hiking boots for mystics, holder of green wand, house, indentured servitude, inner visionary, intern, internal medicine, internship and residency, irish pub dreaming, kate bush, keeping my soul intact, keeping the flame burning, keltoi blood, laying in the sand, lemonade with ice, leonard cohen, life's little messes, long-distance relationships, lostness and foundness, loving life, married my soulmate, marrying my best friend, medical school graduate!, mediterranian seaside pictures, men in kilts, mint juleps, multiverse creationism, my new car, mystic musings, nampara, norman invasions, norman kirbys, oak island dreaming, osteopathic manipulative medicine, osteopathy, p-flags, pagan ireland, paganism, painted turtles, paperback treasures, parabolas, parent-by-numbers, parenting, parenting long distance, passing boards, pgy1, pgy2, pgy3, pictures of truth, pillow fights, pillow talk, pms antics, poetry, polytheism, praying screaming, punkin' chuckin' contests, ravens, reclaiming, return to younger years, sacred sexuality and union, scots, second careers, sensuality and abandon, servant of brighid, slapping primadonnas off pedestals, snarry, snowy winter mornings, southport, spirituality, spring peepers singing, starbucks coffee frappuccino, steamy summer afternoons, stoopid cat videos, subterrain, subtextual sex, sustainable living, swimming in ponds, teenaged sons, terrapins, the blue ridge parkway, the match, third road, tower of london, travelling the backroads, traversing a crevasse, trial and error, trial by fire, truth sans sugarcoating, ts elliot, twenty-something daughters, unnatural axe, unsanitary practices, viola frymann, vocation and service, well-written fanfics, william garner sutherland, windy beaches, word, writing, yacht basin supply company
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